For over fifteen years, Acoustic Edge Institute in Houston has been the only mobile electronics, fabrication and custom interior school in the Central United States. We work hard to lead the industry with new technologies and innovative techniques, and as a student at the Acoustic Edge Institute, you'll get hands-on instruction in implement these technologies and techniques.

If you love custom cars as much as we do, you'll know that hundreds of hours of careful, precise work go into their construction or reconstruction. As an Acoustic Edge Institute student, you'll be part of a deliberately small class - deliberately small because we want all of our students to get as much attention from instructors and hands-on time with our cars as possible. The real-world experience you'll gain at the Acoustic Edge Institute is invaluable, and explains why so many of our alumni are now running body shops, fabrication businesses, and car audio businesses of their own - don't be surprised if your future employer is a past Acoustic Edge Institute student!

Throughout our history, we've never been content to stick to the familiar. We're always looking out for new ideas and better ways to build cars, and new techniques to teach our students. We hope our "never good enough" attitude will become yours when you join our school, and as you go out into the workforce; we want nothing less than to create the next generation of smart and savvy mobile electronics, fabrication and custom interior professionals.

Over the years we've expanded our program offerings to suit the diverse needs of our students. We offer a course in Mobile Electronics Installation (MEI), whose courses include an introduction to electronics, acoustics, mobile video and audio installation, mobile security installation, enclosure design and construction, and router fabrication.

Our Custom Fabrication (FAB) program offers classes in advanced fabrication of door panels and kick panels, advanced fiberglass shaping, advanced enclosures design, and metal design and fabrication.

Our Custom Interior program offers an introduction to sewing, seat design and construction, interior design and fabrication, and advanced custom interiors.

If cars aren't your thing, we offer a program in Multimedia Installation (MMI) that includes classes on residential security and fire alarms, intercom systems, cable television, phone technology, personal assistance, home theater, audio, commercial security and fire alarm systems, surveillance, access and identity control, and networking.

We also offer our courses in connection with other courses for a discounted price. Our ultimate goal is to graduate students who have the hands-on experience necessary to jump right in to work in auto shops, retail stores, small businesses or even their own businesses. Our programs are so well-known for producing top-notch graduates, that companies come to us with their hiring needs, and all graduates can access an AEI-exclusive jobs portal on the Acoustic Edge Institute's web site.

We've journeyed with our students to success for more than eleven years. If you'd like to become part of our distinguished history and start training for your new career right now, give us a call today!
I did finish my car with-in one month of leaving so you now have to give me that $300 discount on one of the masters courses that you promised. Ha-Ha, and I want to thank you guys for all your help and training. I can't tell how much I enjoyed being there and I will be back for all your masters courses and I hope my car gets picked for the show car course. I might be moving to Las Vegas. Do you know any good shops there that you can refer me to? What do I have to do to be on Team Edge? Here are the pictures of my car. The painter did a really good job. Thanks,Luc (MN)