Acoustic Edge Institute offers courses in a variety of different automotive and audio interests, including custom fabrication and interior work, audio installation, and residential and commercial multimedia installation. Acoustic Edge is the only school in the US that offers MECP certification and is also certified by MESA. Our trade school offers students a variety of training options. allowing our students to receive both the technical knowledge and the hands-on experience required to excel in any related field.

The Programs

At Acoustic Edge Institute, you will find a program that’s perfectly tailored to you, and the career you plan on following once you receive your certification. Listed below are the programs we offer.

Mobile Electronic Installation (MEI)

  • Students will gain knowledge in the installation of electronics in cars.

Custom Fabrication (FAB)

  • Student will acquire the skills necessary to gain experience and eventually find employment in any field involving auto and metal fabrication.

Custom Interior Construction (CIC)

  • Teaches you to perform interior/upholstery work on cars, boats, RVs, and other vehicles (this is a four part course, and you will not be required to have prior experience in order to be able to take the courses required to become certified).

Multimedia Installation (MMI)

  • Students learn to install multimedia for both commercial and residential purposes, including alarm systems, personal intercom systems, and more complex multimedia.

Mastering Automotive Custom Build Outs (MACBO)

  • We combine our (MEI), (FAB), and (CIC) programs to give you a comprehensive education designed to prepare you for a career in custom auto work.


Professional Instructors

When selecting an audio installation or auto fabrication school, it is imperative to choose one that has a solid reputation and excellent instructors. Acoustic Edge Institute guarantees both of these things. All instructors are professionals in their fields with years of hands-on experience.

Regardless of the field you choose to work in, Acoustic Edge Institute is the school to select for those who want to work with audio installation or custom auto fabrication. With the best instructors, a wide range of programs, and full certification courses, there is no doubt students will receive professional guidance to get and succeed in the career of their dreams.

Our Programs

Why Choose us?

Acoustic Edge is the ONLY school in the
country certified by both MECP & MESA!

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